A world unexplored

Session 1

Days 1-2

Day 1
The party has lost a single member due to social obligation. In the trade village of Rimwynd the party is led by Amaril the Eladrin Swordmage, he is a strong militaristic leader, possibly a mercenary prince. He recruited a pair of Dwarves, a Warlord named Gazrok Shortbeard, and Uldread the Rogue. Amaril then enlisted Macer the Elven Warden, and Tamahub the half elven rogue. Kahliss the Teifling sorcerrer also joind the party to the chagrin of Amaril.

Day 2
Upon joining the party each character bought a flask of dragons bile a powerful dwarven liqueur for Gazrok who proceeded to drink himself into unconsciousness. The following day the group headed south from Rimwynd and within the first few hours of travel they are stopped by goblins some riding dire rats. The goblins are dispatched quickly but Amaril is bitten and contracts Filth Fever.



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