A world unexplored

Session 2
days 3-9

The party encountered a group of goblins and decided to travel off of the road south. They are able to do so at a moderate pace with the collaboration of the Gazrok’s traveler profession and the seekers know the land profession.

They encounter a group of halfling wererats that enlist the party to help find the source of the goblin problem. They instruct the group to gather information at the local town and report back when they have significant information.

Tumahub and Uldread seek out the underworld of the village and find out that building materials have been stolen as well as tools. This points them to a source that has organized the goblins and could possibly be building structures. the rest of the party were involved in a near failed attempt to gather that the mayor suspects a siege could be in the planning.

Time line 10 days after the first caravan passes through Andoral’s Crossing the party gets word of the goblin attacks. 7 days after the first attack the second attack comes and Andoral’s Crossing requests help. it takes 20 days to travel by caravan to Andora(High Andora) from the point when the party reaches Andoral’s crossing they have 13 days until word reaches Andora. Adventurers on horseback will reach Andorals crossing 9 days later and militia from Esthold 12 days after. If the problem is not solved by day 31 adventurers will cause prices to skyrocket and local merchants to lose significant business due to magic and expert creation coupled with limitless supplies that adventurers can afford, and transport cheaply and quickly. The “boom year” ends in economic hardship but the area is maintained.

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Session 1
Days 1-2

Day 1
The party has lost a single member due to social obligation. In the trade village of Rimwynd the party is led by Amaril the Eladrin Swordmage, he is a strong militaristic leader, possibly a mercenary prince. He recruited a pair of Dwarves, a Warlord named Gazrok Shortbeard, and Uldread the Rogue. Amaril then enlisted Macer the Elven Warden, and Tamahub the half elven rogue. Kahliss the Teifling sorcerrer also joind the party to the chagrin of Amaril.

Day 2
Upon joining the party each character bought a flask of dragons bile a powerful dwarven liqueur for Gazrok who proceeded to drink himself into unconsciousness. The following day the group headed south from Rimwynd and within the first few hours of travel they are stopped by goblins some riding dire rats. The goblins are dispatched quickly but Amaril is bitten and contracts Filth Fever.


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